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Make the Move to FitechGelb’s FTHosting Private Encrypted Cloud (CJIS Compliant)

Cloud computing is an ever-growing platform -- and one that many companies are embracing for a slew of great reasons, from data security to user flexibility. With FitechGellb’s FTHosting Private Cloud -- designed and built by our network engineers --our clients get a serious bump up in services that:

  • Help avoid business disruptions and unnecessary down time
  • Offer maximum privacy and security
  • Provide superior customer service and response

When your network is hosted on FitechGelb’s private encrypted Cloud, you get a suite of business-critical services that deliver tremendous ROI on your investment.

Virtualized Desktops

Untether your employees from their on-site desktop computers. Virtual desktops allow users to access their software programs and files from anywhere, anytime. Your organization’s data is protected against theft in case devices are stolen (nothing is actually stored on them), and our techs can also start up your desktops remotely in case of an on-site disruption.

Virtualized ERP Hosting Platforms

With this managed hosting option, our technicians can monitor your system around the clock and address issues before they become big problems. Virtualization enables us to perform nightly full-system backups and avoid on-site business disruptions due to extended power outages or natural disasters. Your virtualized ERP system is quicker to deploy, vastly scalable, easier to maintain and update, and highly cost effective.

Virtualized Hosted Email

We host your email on a private server and automatically encrypt your messages and attachments to safeguard sensitive information. Invest in protecting your emails end-to-end to help prevent costly data breaches.

FTVAULT, the Private Encrypted Email Community

We take private encrypted email a step further with the world’s most exclusive closed-system email service. Maintain the highest level of email privacy by creating small private circles of users on a private domain; your selected group then communicates via email only with approved or invited participants. Our totally closed system is hacker- proof since your messages do not go out on the Internet.

Tier 3 Data Centers

FitechGelb’s FTHosting Cloud is housed in the most highly secure level of data centers available, with crucial fail-safe protocols and redundancies to mitigate potential data loss due to system failure or security breaches. Fully SSAE16 compliant, we are able to support the highest levels of security while offering global accessibility.


Secure data replication from the network to laptops and mobile devices, all with the same security as the rest of the network.

FTMessenger IM

Multi-device Instant Messaging (IM), with full MS Outlook integration, keeps communication between all field personnel and corporate in lock step on all desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Mobile Device Management

MDM allows for control and security of mobile devices including personal employee devices and management of company data.

Dual Level Authentication

The ultimate in network security; random codes are generated on each device for network and email access.