Full-scope Technology Maintenance and Support

Running a successful and growing business takes enough of your time without worrying about your business technology maintenance. But in a world of high-profile data breaches and expanding Cloud computing capabilities, it’s a must. That’s why engaging FitechGelb’s technology team makes excellent business sense.

Our IT specialists can handle all your technology maintenance and support needs. We can also provide secure, flexible (and in some cases, unique) Cloud computing resources on our FTHosting Private Encrypted Cloud.


FitechGelb’s technology services include:

FTHosting Private Encrypted Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an ever-growing platform -- and one that many companies are embracing for a slew of great reasons, from data security to user flexibility.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Our help desk is always on call to troubleshoot your team’s technical issues with equipment or software. With our responsive, knowledgeable and proactive team, an experienced technician will be able to resolve your issues quickly and reliably.

Tier 3 Data Centers

The most highly secure level of data centers available, where our FTHosting Cloud is housed. Fully SSAE16 compliant to support the highest levels of server security while offering global accessibility to data.

Proactive Desktop Management

FitechGelb’s state-of-the-art desktop management software proactively manages all desktop patching, antivirus, virus and malware remediation, PC upgrades, asset inventory, remote support and instant messaging with our Help Desk. This new support service allows for full proactive monitoring and remediation of your network devices behind the scenes to keep your entire technology platform working at optimal configuration.

Management of Existing IT Infrastructure

Is your organization’s computing connected with an existing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)? Regardless of its scope or complexity, FitechGelb’s tech team can provide ongoing support to ensure your infrastructure is stable and secure, your upload/download rate is optimized and that your system is operating optimally.

FitechGelb manages your corporate network with a focus on making sure your information flows throughout your system the way it’s supposed to. Systems and network management -- from equipment selection to system configuration and network procedures -- are also included.

Network Audit

Is your existing computing infrastructure up to the task of managing your corporate IT needs? Issues of compliance, data security, a mobile workforce and BYOD, and your evolving business needs are just some of the complexities to consider when evaluating your corporate computing. FitechGelb’s technology team will conduct a thorough audit of your existing IT infrastructure and analyze your platform to identify areas of opportunity to improve your operation and security. You’ll have a complete inventory and assessment of your entire IT infrastructure, with recommendations for network improvements or creation of an ERP system, and a blueprint for growing your IT capabilities as your business grows.

Penetration Testing

We’ve all heard the nightmare stories about data breaches and security problems. At FitechGelb, we don’t wait for these to occur -- we proactively probe your system with what’s called an “intrusive network penetration test.” This looks for holes that could lead to a security breach and will send a report to your IT team and FitechGelb’s engineers with alerts of any unusual activity. We can remediate the issue right away and elude network hackers.

Building System Network Design

FitechGelb’s services can extend to your entire portfolio. We’ll assess, design, install and manage all your property-based networking needs, including all the structured cabling, fiber optic writing, firewalls, Wi-Fi and internet systems, and telecommunications. Our engineers and technicians create one centralized network for your organization --in the building or across your portfolio --and manage the entire process.