FITECH University

FITECH University

Training is a key aspect to any implementation, but like every educational aspect of life it is the constant expansion of our knowledge that make our teams better, more effective and ultimately more efficient. FITECH University is our training platform that gets your team ready for “Go Live” and continues your learning experience into the future with “Lunch and Learns” on specific subjects, “Quarterly Reviews” of key system aspects for both new employees and refreshers for existing staff as well as “Core Targeted Courses” to train your staff on advanced functionality of each platform and module your company uses.


Go Live Training

Go Live Training consists of a series of CRP’s (Conference Room Pilots) and intense training sessions where your team will “hit the keys” on a fully interactive basis with the core systems. These sessions cover click by click functionality to ensure setups are configured to your design and workflows operate optimally while ensuring full familiarity with every screen. This critical part of the training process is crucial to being ready for Go Live.


Lunch and Learns

In these fun interactive (and food driven) sessions, your team literally eats lunch while learning. These targeted sessions approach defined functions and teach specific steps to ensure the advanced knowledge of those defined functions. We work with your team in advance to create a full agenda, and will walk the team through step by step functionality and (at request) provide screen shot manuals and documentation so that training is a breeze. Multiple sessions are often suggested for full end to end functional process review and training. Afternoon sessions with brownies and cookies work equally as well!


Quarterly Reviews

Every company has new employees that need to learn and understand the processing culture of the company as well as existing staff members that need a refresher. These sessions concentrate on core functionality of your system that are needed for daily operations. Based upon your company’s systems and processing needs, we create an agenda and provide 2 to 4 hour sessions to bring new employees up to speed on the core functions while refreshing the memory of those staff members that need it.


Core Targeted Courses

Core Targeted Courses are intense sessions that last from a half day to three days on defined functionality for advanced users, more commonly known as “Power Users”. These sessions concentrate on specific functions that are desired by various stakeholders (accounting, property management, asset management, etc.) and are geared to a “train the trainer” mentality so that the attendees can ultimately train other client staff on those advanced functions.