Every company has changing staffing needs as portfolios you own or service grow or shrink depending on investment strategy, timing and marketing conditions. Additionally, there are repetitive core tasks that many key internal personnel perform each month that can be handled by our team, raising the productivity of your key personnel by partnering with a company that knows your process, knows your technology and can provide the people that can expand and contract as your needs change. Our team can provide these resources to you, fully trained in the core technologies you use, allowing you to process faster while providing truly reliable data.

Accounting Services

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  • Accounts Payable ("A/P")
  • Accounts Receivable ("A/R")
  • First Level Data Validation
  • Monthly Reporting Packages
  • Investor Reporting Packages
  • Submitting Invoices for Payment
  • Coding Invoices
  • Pushing Invoices into Workflow
  • Submitting Invoices for Payment
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Yearly Budgets
  • Replacement Reserve Requests
  • Brokerage Commission Entry
  • Ad-hoc Data Entry Tasks

Sample Lease

Abstraction Services

OUTSourced Powered By FitechGelb...

  • Lease Abstracts
  • Lease Setup & Maintenance
  • Property Level Configuration
  • Unit Inventory Setup
  • Recovery Setup
  • Audits (CAM, Financial, Rent Roll)
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Year End Reconciliation
  • Invoice Preparation
  • Security Deposit / LOC Audit
  • Expenses Leakage Analysis
  • CAM Variance Analysis
  • Leasing Commission Calculation
  • CPI Manual Calculation
  • Percentage Rent Calculation