While being overall consulting experts , FitechGelb specializes in the following industries:

Real Estate

FitechGelb is more than a leading specialist in real estate technology—our consultants come from the real estate world, too, so we know the pain points, pressures and concerns you have. That’s why, for many of our clients, we become their IT department.

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Real Estate Service Providers

Elevator companies, security system providers, facilities maintenance, HVAC, lighting, energy management, pest control -- no commercial property can run well without these vital building services. Nor can building services companies run efficiently when their computing network isn’t up to snuff. That’s where FitechGelb comes in.

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Manufacturing / Industrial

Manufacturers cannot risk downtime or security breaches when it comes to their computing. Vendor orders, customer orders, accounting, logistics and critical reporting are all vital to this industry. FitechGelb’s secure computing solutions and IT support services help keep your system running at 100% globally, supporting multi-national and worldwide operations.

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Financial institutions cannot risk security breaches when it comes to their computing. Banks and other lenders, firms that offer factoring, inventory and accounts receivables financing, as well as insurance companies, have too much at stake when it comes to processing sensitive data across their computing networks. FitechGelb offers secure computing solutions and IT support services that help financial institutions remain compliant and secure.

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Many municipalities and government agencies are working on legacy systems with aging servers that are becoming harder and more expensive to maintain. Law enforcement agencies are also dealing with compliance issues around the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) security policy, administered by the FBI; many struggle with how to meet these standards as technology evolves.

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