Do You Need a Technology Consultant?

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Are questioning if you need to hire a technology consultant at your business? Having an outside opinion or consultant can completely change the way you do business by utilizing the right systems for your company that will work at their peak and keep your brokers and processes streamlined and at the highest productivity levels. Here are a few reasons hiring a technology consultant can improve your business.

Reduces Downtime

When technology fails, it can mean a lot of downtime and costly hours spent trying to solve the issue. Even just a few moments can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Technology consultants can ensure that downtime is at the absolute minimum, saving you time and money.

Gain a Competitive Edge

A technology consultant can give your brokerage a competitive edge in the marketplace because they will offer you the latest technology and provide ongoing training and real world experience to educate you on what is worth investing in and what isn’t.

Keeps Employees Satisfied

Hiring a technology consultant can help improve company morale and can reduce the stress employees can feel by having to manage their technology on their own. When employees have to face long periods of downtime because of ineffective technology, this can cause a back up in the workflow and can increase the stress in the office.

You Will Have a Strategic Partner

A technology consultant will team with industry-leading providers and create customized solutions for your commercial real estate brokerage, multifamily property or management firm. By partnering with a technology consultant, you will have access to the best applications available within the market.


A technology consultant will ensure that all of your current products connect and integrate seamlessly with your new system by building the Application Program Interface that allows your date to flow easily between applications.

They Offer Customization

Technology consultants with FITECH apply their in-depth knowledge and expertise in real estate to every single aspect of the Company’s technology needs. This spans from customizing off-the-shelf applications to work in a specific way for your particular internal processes to designing network for corporate use and/or properties, low voltage construction design and installation to providing the back office accounting needs for all your properties and projects.

FITECH Consultants are the pre-eminent expert in all facets of real estate technology solutions, offering a full range of consulting services and technology services. In fact, our consultants come from the real estate industry and have firsthand experience and knowledge of what it takes to maintain a successful real estate enterprise. Contact FITECH Consultants today to find out how we can save you time and money.

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