4 Technology Audit Steps You Should Take for a Successful 2018

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Is your technology equipped to handle the new year? The first thing you should do to ensure that you will have a successful 2018 is to audit your technology to make sure that all of your data is safe and that your IT infrastructure is performing optimally and efficiently. Let’s take a look at four technology audit steps you should take for a successful 2018.

Step 1: Conduct a Security Sweep

First thing’s first – check for Malware and bots. You should also confirm that security software is functioning properly. Evaluate your firewall system and check the physical security to make sure that your system can’t be breached or compromised from an outsider and that your servers are properly mounted, cooled and powered.

Step 2: Audit the Software

The next step is to audit the software – every single piece of software. Compare purchase receipts, licensing agreements and the versions in use versus the current version of the software to ensure everything is up to date. Remove all software that is not in use or is outdated. You should also survey for additional software that may be needed.

Step 3: Audit the Hardware

Make sure that each piece of technology is being used to its fullest extent and is being used properly. You should especially check to make sure that your computers are standardized on non-proprietary platforms in order to minimize costs. Log every piece of equipment and its location, serial number, model number, person responsible for the hardware and the purchase date and a copy of the receipt. This can help reduce theft and can help replace older models of hardware with new models.

Step 4: Audit Backup Systems

One of the biggest tragedies a company can face is a major loss of data, which is why it is so crucial to have a properly functioning backup system. Backups should be stored in a remote location or in the cloud in case of a fire, tornado, etc. Your backup should also provide automatic verification of the backup when it is performed and the retrieval and restore operations should be easy to accomplish. If your backup system does not do this – you need to consider a raid or external storage system or the cloud.

You Need a Strategic Technology Plan

The cost of both hardware and software is integral to your company’s bottom line and your company’s success and therefore should be responsibly handled. You should create a five or ten-year strategic plan that outlines exactly how and when you are going to audit your company’s technology. The good news? FiTech can help.

From assessment to configuration to customization to long-term management of your computing infrastructure, our expert consultants and engineers will create the efficiencies, integrations and insights so critical for success in today’s competitive business world. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your IT infrastructure healthy and up-to-date to help your business continue to be successful.

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