10 Things to Do if Your Email Gets Hacked

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By Ian M. Marlow February 2, 2015 Corporations should certainly have adequate firewalls installed and protocols in place in case of cyber-intrusion in the workplace. But what about personal email—especially a personal email account that you use for business? Either way, you need to take immediate steps to protect your data. Here are some steps to […]

Five Technology New Year Resolutions for Businesses

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By Ian M. Marlow January 21, 2015 The new year is young—the perfect time to think about your business technology. Here are five actions your organization should resolve to explore or implement to keep your data safe, your employees more productive, and your company at the forefront of business technology. #1 – Don’t know the sender? […]

Putting Together Your ERP Puzzle

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By Ian M. Marlow January 13, 2015 In our last post we explained what an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is, and discussed the various types of components that may go into designing an ERP for your organization. In today’s post, we’ll go through that process of piecing together your ERP puzzle. During the designing and […]

What is an ERP and Do You Need One for Your Organization?

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By Ian M. Marlow January 5, 2015 ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning system. Depending on the industry, this term has different definitions and applications. Many real estate and financial services professionals consider an ERP to be an organization’s accounting system and general ledger. However, this isn’t really accurate—and ERP is much broader (think “enterprise”). Real […]

Achieving Minimal Latency through Smart WAN Design

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By Ian M. Marlow December 23, 2014 Older computing networks within an organization use MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). MPLS enables organizations to connect users throughout multiple locations (offices, buildings) with some upsides and downsides. The upsides: the data and users are on the same network which makes MPLS very secure, since the information never goes out […]

10 Reasons to Have Your Network Evaluated

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By Ian M. Marlow November 3, 2014 A computer network audit examines and outlines your current IT structure, expenditures and the services you are using at that moment. However, there are alternatives on the market that your company might be missing out on to improve your computing infrastructure. With technology changing faster at fiber optic speed, […]

Handling Your Company’s Security Breach

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By Ian M. Marlow October 9, 2014 Today’s ID and data theft is no longer one-on-one, when you knew who the perpetrator was and when/where the situation occurred (usually at a retailer or restaurant and a credit card payment). With today’s cloud computing, security breaches are anonymous, enterprise-wide and can affect millions of people at a […]

Are You Undermining Your Company’s Digital Security?

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By Ian M. Marlow September 2, 2014 You’ve invested in firewalls, heavy-duty spam filters and other security measures to keep your organization’s network and information as protected as possible. But how do you balance that need for security with the file-sharing demands of your operation? As noted in an Infoworld article, some of the technologies that […]