5 Ways Property Management Companies Can Streamline Operations

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Whether you’re a small property management company handling a portfolio of 10 buildings or a huge real estate management firm handling buildings in several different regions, the task of managing these properties can seem stressful and time consuming – but luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways property management companies can streamline […]

5 Property Management Companies Doing Social Media Right

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Just about every company is on social media. From restaurants to real estate firms, companies are using social media to establish a digital presence and connect with their clients and customers in real-time. Even property management companies are seeing the value social media can offer their business. Clients and consumers appreciate seeing valuable information on […]

Protect Your Kids’ Cell Phone Safety

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By Ian M. Marlow September 27, 2016 You’ve finally given in, and bought your teen (or tween) their first cell phone. Of course you give them all the rules and expectations that go with it, but you still worry. Who are they talking to? What are they looking at? Are they using the phone when they […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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By Ian M. Marlow August 1, 2016 Everyone uses a mobile phone or a tablet these days. You see it everywhere—people using their mobile devices while walking down the street, eating in a fancy restaurant, even in an important work meeting. In fact, studies show that mobile usage accounts for about 65 percent of digital media […]

Could Multiple Passwords Be a Thing of the Past?

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By Ian M. Marlow June 13, 2016 How annoying is it to try and remember every single password to every account you have? Every bank account, social media app, online shopping site, and all the countless other places that require passwords—it’s nearly impossible to memorize all those passwords. To combat that, maybe you save them to […]

Fitech Founder Talks Facebook

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By Ian M. Marlow May 20, 2016 Fitech founder Ian Marlow was a guest on Unfiltered with Dennis Michael Lynch to discuss allegations that Facebook is intentionally preventing conservative topics from trending on the social media site. Check out the whole interview here. http://www.newsmaxtv.com/shows/unfiltered/archive/vid/JtZjBtMzE6XqrdhVEitqGEIj34YJ57HU/

Why You Need to Automate Your Payables

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By Ian M. Marlow May 8, 2016 Long gone are the days of huge, dusty accounting ledgers where an employee tediously entered credits, debits, bills received, payments received, payments made, in tiny columns, with red ink and black ink and parentheses around negative numbers. Even though that type of system is completely antiquated, there are still […]

FITECH to be a sponsor at AvidXchange’s REVOLUTION 2016 user conference

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By Ian M. Marlow May 6, 2016 AvidXchange, leading provider of Accounts Payable and Payment Automation, is pleased to announce that FITECH, LLC is one of a remarkable lineup of sponsors for its annual User Conference, REVOLUTION, to be held in Austin, Texas, May 10-11. Connecting customers who face similar business challenges, AvidXchange’s REVOLUTION 2016 will […]

Is the latest Windows the Perfect 10?

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By Ian M. Marlow April 20, 2016 Windows 10 has been available for just under a year now, and one major update was already released in November 2015. Now that it has been around for a while, does it make sense for your business to upgrade? Let’s look at some of the best features of Windows […]