FitechGelb’s synergistic approach is a collaboration between our team and yours. We start by learning all we can about your organization, then work with you to develop and implement the best solutions for your computing needs and operational goals. Our business and IT consultants, data and network engineers and tech support staff are committed to resolving problems, initiating positive business change and ensuring the best outcomes for every client … every day.


FitechGelb’s success is built upon the understanding that an organization’s people and their expertise are its most valuable assets.

We know that change is hard, first and foremost we establish enduring partnerships with our clients -- which is essential in enabling us to provide razor-sharp analysis of your current and future computing needs. We work with your employees and leadership to promote effective change management. This collaborative, “people first” approach leads to effective adoption of the best solutions for your business growth.


We develop an understanding of an organization’s mission, strategies and immediate and future goals to best assess and determine the system’s effectiveness in achieving these.

How does your company operate? And how can we help it operate better? FitechGelb’s process is all about developing an individualized approach to each client’s needs that integrates four key elements: Discovery, Diagnostics, Design and Delivery. Out of this may come a process improvement plan, new ERP design or restructure, or the execution of your IT solution.


Each technological solution is unique and tailored to each client’s individual needs. They are optimized by ensuring all stakeholders understand how these tools work and how they help achieve corporate objectives.

At FitechGelb, we believe technology helps people work more efficiently and effectively. We evaluate the current processes and infrastructure, define a targeted change management strategy and recommend the process and technology changes that will help your organization excel. We ensure that your employees fully understand and accept these processes and systems by defining the benefits in quantifiable, easy-to-graph terms and providing the necessary support.