FitechGelb Consultants IT systems have helped manage 150,000 residential units and 100 million square feet of commercial real estate...And that's just within the last 12 months.

FitechGelb Consultants are the pre-eminent expert in all facets of real estate technology solutions, offering a full range of consulting services and technology services. In fact, our consultants come from the real estate industry and have firsthand experience and knowledge of what it takes to maintain a successful real estate enterprise.

From assessment to configuration to customization to long-term management of your computing infrastructure, our expert consultants and engineers will create the efficiencies, integrations and insights so critical for success in today’s competitive business world.

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As a leading real estate solutions provider, FitechGelb is a member of MRI Software’s Partner Connect network and Yardi’s Independent Consultants Network, and count many other industry-leading real estate solutions providers among our Strategic Partners.

We work with companies in a range of other industries as well, coast to coast.

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When it comes to your technology solutions -- in real estate, government, financial services and more -- FitechGelb Consultants will change the way you do business, with the right systems for your company that will work at their peak and keep your people and processes at their most productive.