Become a More Efficient Property Manager with These Lease Administration Tools

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By Ian M. Marlow August 4, 2014 Landlords and real estate property managers are driven to maintain strong occupancy rates and revenues; however, they may lag behind benchmarks when confronted with all the administrative details those leases require. Lease renewals, tenant or landlord obligations, and notification dates can easily be overlooked in the fray of daily […]

Who’s That Knocking on Your Door? Virtual Guard Tours are Always Watching and Aware

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By Ian M. Marlow June 25, 2014 Security systems have upped their game a lot from the “old days” of walking security guards. Today’s virtual security guard tours – such as those offered by Engineered Security Services utilizing technologies such as Innowatch and Genetec have enhanced the level of security and efficiency when it comes to protecting your business […]

What to Consider When Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

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By Ian M. Marlow May 30, 2014 Organizations today are faced with questions of how to migrate their data to private or public clouds safely, effectively, and affordably. This includes legacy applications which were developed over time, often purpose-built by software manufacturers (or custom developed in house), and scaled widely throughout the company. Depending on […]

The Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems – The iPBX

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By Ian M. Marlow March 26, 2014 Virtual phone systems (Internet-based Private Branch eXchange or iPBX are becoming the economical choice of small and large businesses alike. These Internet phone systems use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that offers great portability, convenience, rich features and cost efficiency for any company that has an internet connection. They […]

Cloud Computing and Confidentiality

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By Ian M. Marlow March 17, 2014 It’s hard to ignore the impact of cloud-based technology on the business world—and on our personal lives (think iCloud, Gmail and Dropbox for starters). After all, the cloud is everywhere. Even if we can’t see it, we can always access it . . . and the information we have […]

Software as a Service

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By Ian M. Marlow March 4, 2014 A major shift is underway in the licensing of software for business. Providers now offer multiple software licensing models, from standalone licenses to Software as a Service (SaaS). On the business-to-consumer side we’ve seen it in everything from email to iTunes to Microsoft Office to QuickBooks. Each licensing model […]

IT Can Be Complicated—an IT Provider Makes it Easy

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By Ian M. Marlow February 12, 2014 We live in an increasingly complex IT world. The exploding number of business computing options can be confusing for many business owners who are trying to figure out what their companies need, such as cloud computing and software as a service, on-premise vs. remote servers, the best security […]